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Nutty Santa Screen Saver will bring the jolly man to your desktop
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Christmas! The most joyous season of the year!
And who is the main character of this season?
You are right! Santa Claus!
Nutty Santa Screen Saver will bring the jolly man to your desktop.

This funny screen saver will bring the laughter and happiness of Santa Claus to your screen.
You will listen to his characteristic Jo Jo Jo, as he flies by your home driving his sled pulled by the faithful reindeers.

Watch him take off and soar to the starred sky.
Every time he flies by, he will do some kind of antic for your delight.
Sometimes he will just be seating on his sled.
Another time he will be hanging from it.
Who knows what he will do on his next pass.

And what about Rudolph, the red nose reindeer?
He is there too.

Nutty Santa Screen Saver will bring all the laughter and happiness that you need to feel the Christmas spirit all year long.
The images are pretty small, but still you will enjoy watching Santa's movements and some acrobatics on your screen.

Your kids will surely love this screen saver. And, why not? You will, too.

Fernando Soni
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  • Funny


  • Small images
  • Repetitious after a while
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